Freediving Summit 2022 - Grab Your FREE Ticket

by Born of Water on January 31, 2022

Attention all Freedivers, Spearfishermen, and Breath-holders!

Freediving Summit 2022

I'm excited to share some pretty cool news with you. Ted Harty, who runs Immersion Freediving and the new podcast, Freedive Live, is less than 24 hours away from launching Freedive Live’s 2022 Freediving Summit.

This online virtual conference contains interviews from 29 of the best freedivers and spearfishermen out there.

WHEN: Feb 1st at 8:00 AM EST.

For 3 WHOLE days, February 1st - February 3rd, Ted will be bringing you interviews with 29 industry experts who have tons of valuable advice to share with you all about freediving, breath-holding, and spearfishing.

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to listen to all of these interviews during the summit. 

  • William Trubridge -18 World Records & Deepest No-Fin dive 102M (335 ft)
  • Alexey Molchanov - 25 World Records & Deepest Constant Weight dive 131M (430 ft) 
  • G.R. Tarr- one of the most influential spearfishermen out there
  • Sara Campbell - First woman to 100M and a huge proponent of yoga for freediving
  • Stig Severinsen - 4 time world record holder and multiple Guinness world record holder
  • Kirk Krack - founder of PFI
  • Jeromy Gamble - the owner of Spearing Magazine
  • James Nestor - New York Time Bestselling author of Breath and Deep
  • Stephen Whelan - founder of Deeper Blue
  • Isaac "Shrek" Daly founder of Noob Spearo Podcast
  • and many more...

The summit starts on February 1st and runs for 3 whole days, Ted will be bringing you interviews with the 29 industry experts who have tons of valuable advice to share with you all about freediving and breath-holding.

No matter whether you have a passing interest in freediving, or are a seasoned pro there is going to be a huge amount you can learn from this summit.

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You also can upgrade to an all-access pass to watch all these fantastic interviews at any time from the moment you register; and with the all-access pass, you can watch them whenever you want, whether that is next week or next year.

Finally, if you know anyone that would be interested in learning from these legends be sure to forward this to your freediver buddy.

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