Florida Spearfishing Records

he Florida Skin Divers Association is proud to announce the official FSDA State Spearfishing Records, Presented by Speared! 

     Submissions will be accepted starting NOW for the establishment of official state spearfishing records for the state of Florida (state and federal waters only, excluding international waters). Submission rules and standards will follow the rules, standards and guidelines set forth for determining spearfishing records by IUSA.

     An official IUSA world record taken exclusively in Florida state and federal waters may be submitted by the record holder for Florida State Records under the same procedures as new submissions, but the submission must follow all documentation requirements, including providing the complete, original IUSA record submission showing the fish was taken in Florida state or federal waters and verifying the submission with IUSA. Please note, there will be no state record for any fish that are not currently legal to spear in Florida waters, such as freshwater species and prohibited species.

For any questions please contact FSDA records chair at divefsda1@gmail.com.